Lakeshore Woods
Lakeshore Woods

Lakeshore Woods

The best neighborhood community in West Olive, Michigan

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GHT Annual Christmas Tree Drop-off Site

Grand Haven Township provides a free Christmas tree drop-off site each year.
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Camp Blodgett Property

Please review & respect the no trespassing rules for Camp Blodgett property.
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Spring Gardening 2020

Happy spring, neighbors! It's time to beautify the Lakeshore Woods entrance with some fresh bark and flowers. Sign up in the comments below this post...
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HOA BoD Meeting for April 2020

The Lakeshore Woods Owners Association (LWOA) Board of Directors met on April 2, 2020 to follow up on several items of business for the HOA,...
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2020 HOA Annual Meeting

Please “Save the Date” for our 2020 Annual Meeting of the Lakeshore Woods Owners Association, to be held on Thursday night, May 28, 2020 starting...
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What’s with the blue bags?

Each year Lakeshore Woods is visited by a special guest. It's not the tooth fairy, but you've probably noticed traces of their visit... Local food...
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